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Faith Community Survey - HIV and AIDS

For several years, EMPACT Africa has been working with local faith leaders in southern Africa to reduce the stigma of HIV and AIDS in their congregations and communities. This survey is designed to help faith-based organizations to assess the significance of stigma among their faith communities and to understand what faith communities are doing to reduce stigma.

The survey method involves a facilitated discussion among a small group of members of the faith community, led by someone who is not a member of the faith community. Separately and together they assess the attitudes of faith community members and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the faith community.

Based on information gathered from similar discussions among a range of faith communities, the significance of stigma and the actions of faith communities can be characterized. For best results, gather information from diverse faith communities, including variations in geographic regions, urban and rural settings, cultural contexts, and faith traditions.

Detailed guidelines and questionnaires for conducting such surveys are available for downloading in PDF format:

Download Survey Coordinator Guide
Download Discussion Facilitator Guide
Download Survey Participant Questionnaire

Please send mail completed forms to

PO Box 164333
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Or you may scan and email them to

Thank you very much for your participation and assistance.

Coming soon - Online support for data entry!

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